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Thursday, September 02, 2010


Have you ever suddenly become aware of a collection or decorating style that has found its way into your home without you realizing what you were doing? I recently realized that I have become a collector of harlequin patterned items. Basically the cream and black harlequin that looks like someone took a check board and elongated it. I think in moderation it adds that touch of black we need in each room and a richness that seems to fit well in many homes.

I think moderation is the key word here, I remember some many many years ago when I decided to wallpaper a wall in our bedroom with a large scale pattern of harlequin. It was not the cream and white but a pure black and white which was quite a statement in our small bedroom. My husband use to say that he had to put his foot on the floor for a few seconds each morning before he got up just to stop the room from spinning. So if I have learned nothing else in all these years its that my decorating style has not changed but has matured and I have come to appreciate moderation in bold patterns.

Here are a few of the touches of harlequin I have around the house.  Just a touch in a some rooms but becoming a collection none the less.

Please keep in mind that my photo skills are very lacking as is the capabilities of my camera.  I do apologize.  I found this tray in a Goodwill shop in Virginia a couple of months ago while hunting treasures with friends, it was a steal at $2.98. It has a glass insert so I placed some of the harlequin wrapping paper under the glass. I had purchased the roll of paper so long ago I can remember from where but I knew someday it would come in handy.  I love the look and now have an old antique mirror and brush set placed on the tray now.  The old ladder back chair was one I picked up from a trash pile when I was in New Orleans this past spring working on a Habitat Project.

Another great find on a trip with some friends.  This print was found in a resale shop in Geneva Illinois.  I can't remember what I paid for it but it was very minimal.  I was going to have it re-framed and matted but after I found this frame I decided that a mat would be too much and just settled for the frame and let the print stand on its own.

OK, one more and then I'll stop.  The wrapping paper I used on the tray above I also used to line the drawers of a large buffet I have.  This paper is heavy duty and really lends itself to be used for projects other than wrapping a gift.  As I prepare for fall decorating I know that all my fall colors will go well with the touches of this print I have around the house.


southerninspiration said...

Love the harlequin, but I can see how stepping out onto it might be a little dizzying! :D
Glad you're back in the saddle!


Designs on 47th Street said...

Hey, isn't that horse print really mine? ;) Love all your harlequin. How clever to use the gift wrap for drawer liner.

Paula said...

Your tray looks great with the harlequin paper on it. I saw a similar tray in Appomattox today and now I'm kicking myself for passing it up.