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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Well fast forward fourteen months and here I am again, neglectful in posting my travels or anything else that has gone on in my life.  I pledge to do a better job in posting, I think by not focusing just on travel I may be a little more motivated to keep things moving in the world of blog-land. 

I have traveled some in the past fourteen months and I'll try and post about a couple of trips soon.  My next scheduled trip is to Columbus Ohio to attend the Country Living Fair I'm excited to search for yet more treasures that I just can't live without.  Who knows what might find it's way into the back of my van over the weekend. 

This weekend I worked on cleaning up a piece I bought at the Amish Acres craft fair a few weeks back.  I haven't been to a craft fair in a very long time and now two months in a row I'll be out tramping through the fields looking for that one treasure.  The piece I picked up at the Amish Acres fair was I think either a piece off an old headboard or maybe a dresser.  I had been looking for something large enough to fit across a grouping that I have in my little TV area of the house.  It needed to be something that would center on the wall but be large enough to cover the offset arrangement I had started with a treasure I had picked up in Geneva last year when "the girls" and I had scheduled a weekend get away with treasure shopping.  It is a work in progress but I'm happy so far and the purchase price of the piece was only $15.