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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas Mantel

I've had a pair of windows in the basement for several years and never used them for anything...until this Christmas.  I decided to bring one up and use it as the centerpiece of this years mantel.  I'm not always a symmetrical person but for some reason this years mantel came out that way.  The candles are all on timers, an incident at Christmas a few years back taught me that I can not be trusted with "real" candles in the house.

This is a closeup of the left side of the mantel.  Both of the containers were picked up at GW for nearly nothing.  The one to the far left has deer heads on the side and I believe it came from Pottery Barn.  

The right side of the mantel has an old ice bucket that someone painted white.  I placed amaryllis  on each side of window, the one on the left has bloomed but this one grew taller but never got a bloom.  The lettering of  "Let It Snow" was made on my Cricut and the photo of the snow bike is a canvas I had made last year.  I just used velcro to attach it to the window.

Merry Christmas Everyone.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas Tablescape

We aren't hosting Christmas dinner this year so I just did a little add and take away on my Thanksgiving table and I've enjoyed the "not so Christmas" table.  This table will be used after the holiday for a small dinner and all I'll need to do a remove the Christmas ornament place card holders and it will look great with a white background of snow outside the window.

I changed out the charger from a gold to garnet and added a cardinal salad plate.  A touch of garnet on the glassware and a place card holder also in a garnet red is all this table needed.  You can see how to make the place card holders here, these are so simple and go together in a matter of minutes.

I kept the bay leaf centerpiece and it looks just as good for Christmas as it did for Thanksgiving. 

I made a bay leaf wreath for the back of each chair, same process as the little boxwood wreaths
 I made here. I picked up bags of bay leaves at Penzy, this is a super simple project and smells good as a bonus.

A large glass candle holder filled with Paperwhites that grow taller every day and an organic element. 

Sunday, December 07, 2014

Place Card Holders in 5 Minutes

I've been on a craft high the past week and today's offering is a quick and easy one.  The supplies are minimal and you may even have everything you need around the house.

I must warn you these are like potato chips...once you've made one you'll want to make a ton of them.

I had cut some larger limbs around the yard this summer and saved a few "just in case".  I cut several wood rounds not being careful about the exact thickness.  They are all all pretty close to being the same and if you prefer you can put a "fence" on your saw to insure each round is the same.

I picked these sparkly ornaments at the store HL I think, I do know they were 1/2 off so for six place card holders my out of pocket was less that $3.00.

One glop (technical term) of hot glue and a quick set of an ornament on top and your half way to the finish line.

When I positioned the ornament on the glue I did some straight up and others I tipped slightly on their side.

This process took less than a minute.  I mean this is a quick project.

I used a semi soft gauge wire to make the place cards.  I just twisted it around my finger, again I'm not an "exact" type person and dipped it in the glue pot and slipped each wire into the top of the ornament. 

Since this wood was just cut late this fall and isn't dry I glued a button on the center bottom of each piece of wood so that the "green" wood wouldn't touch any surface.   

 I had company for the weekend and used one of these in the guestroom as a welcome.

So my friends, check your craft room today and get started on these little gems, quick, easy and economical.  A great little gift for those who love the holidays as much as we do.

This was a wonderful project I found originally here.

Merry Christmas