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Monday, September 27, 2010

Country Living Fair

Well I'm back from the Country Living Fair in Columbus Ohio.  I'm so glad I went, I had a good time and attended some informational seminars that were provided by Country Living.  I must say I don't need to go again as I was a little disappointed in how much of what was there to purchase was the old grunge folk art.  Don't get me wrong, I love primitive folk art but booth after booth were very much the same and because of the season so much of it was for Halloween.  Not a lot of Autumn decorating but lots of Halloween. I did find one cute little Halloween decoration that I'll display when we get closer to the holiday.  Country Living has added a Fair in Georgia next month, if you get the chance to attend you'll have a great time.  

The fair was held at the Ohio Village in Columbus Ohio.  All the light poles were decorated with fall colored flags that sported the Country Living Logo.  There wasn't a cloud in the sky, it was a beautiful fall day.

This display was outside one of the Country Living buildings.  I loved how they incorporated the kale in with the pumpkins.

They had a general store set up in the village with lots of Country Living Logo items that were for sale.  Also during the fair you could get subscriptions to the magazine for $5 for a year.  Great Christmas gifts for anyone out there who will be attending the Georgia fair.

There just was no way to get a picture of the giant pumpkin tower without having shoppers in it.  I must have waited ten minutes just to get this shot so that there was no one in the foreground.  There were lots of people on Saturday which was the second day.  At times you couldn't even move in some areas of the village.  I have to say that although I knew it would be busy I was really surprised with the number in attendance, I'm sure Sunday morning would have been a much better time to see the individual booths close up.

I thought this was so cute, I don't often use large pumpkins in my house, but I may have to do a short stack on a chair in my entry.  The simplicity of this just caught  my eye.

As I said I did attend some great seminars during the day and one of them featured Taniya Nayak from Design to Sell. 

Taniya had a presentation regarding decorating problems , it was informative but nothing earth shaking.  She did answer a lot of questions from the audience, mostly about how the show is shot, where is Clive, how do they manage to do so much with only $2K. She did indicate that to complete a project and stay under budget she has brought furniture from her own apartment.


Paula said...

I am jealous that you got to go to this event. I saw the ad for it in CL magazine and thought to myself that I'd go, if it were closer. That pumpkin tower is something else!!

sheila from life @ #17 said...

thanks for sharing your trip...I've wanted to go to the CL Fair for years...and cannot wait until it is time for the GA one!

Kendra @ Domestic Princess in Training said...

Oh love all the pumpkin pics! Looks like a wonderful fair!

Kendra aka "Domestic Princess in Training"

southerninspiration said...

Sorry you were disappointed...I bet I would have been, too, but you always make the best of your trips! I love the kale and the pumpkins, together, too.


Becca said...

I, too, am envious of your trip to the CL Fair! What fun! Thanks for your note on my blog ... oh, yes, Home Goods is like a seond home to me. lol Take care, *Becca*

Sue said...

Lots of people envious of us attending the fair, but I am of the same consensus that you are- too much primitive! I thought that much of the merchandise was imported from China, too, I had 2 favorite booths- and I bought from both. I had been in Springfield the week before at the antique extravaganza and was much more pleased with what I saw. I do both the spring and the fall shows. I won't be going back to CL next year- Do you live near OH? and did you go to the show with anyone? It's always fun to ride with someone, but then go off on your own to shop. Much easier...
We ate at the $20 buffet! OK food and I guess a lot better than the greasy fair food that smelled so good! LOL
Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. So many of these parties are what I call- link and run! And very few people actually comment.
~ Sue

Bella Michelle said...

I would have loved to have tagged along with you at the fair!!! Even if I didn't come away with anything overly exciting it would have been fun!