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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Late to the Race

I have to say that until five years ago I couldn't have given a toot about china.  Now in my usual obsessive way I can't get enough of it.  Many of my friends can attest to this affliction, but after reading other's blogs I know I'm not alone in my quest to house as many sets of china as the floor joyces will tolerate.

I have very little knowledge about china patterns, but I learn a little something nearly every week about beautiful old patterns.  Last week's find was from Goodwill and I picked up three beautiful cream soup bowls and saucers for $15.  The pattern is still available so I'll be able to purchase another bowl and saucer so I can have a set of four.  I'll use these with my creamy white china and I think they will look beautiful for a winter luncheon with friends.  I think white linen napkins and crystal will complete the look. 

The pattern is Royal Couldon's Victoria.  Probably
produced in the twenties or thirties
Until I purchased these beauties I had never heard of Royal Couldon, actually I though the person who typed the description had made a mistake and the caption should have read Royal Doulton.  Again.....I know very little.

Well today is Senior Day at the Salvation Army store, a 25% discount for seniors of which I certainly qualify. I'll be headed out shortly on the hunt once again.  Happy Hunting to all those dishaholics out there in blog land.


Cathy said...

Great find Char! Good luck junkin' at GW.

Bella Michelle said...

THOSE are wonderful. I love the 2 handled soup bowls. Char, you do amazing table settings and I hope one day to have enough dishes to just "try" a little at what you do so beautifully.

Paula said...

That's a beautiful pattern and you really got a great buy on those pieces.

Porch Days said...

This is so funny. I was at Goodwill today (see my post- Because the lamp I bought was on sale I couldn't use my senior discount!

I love dishes but don't have a place to store the six sets I own. Haven't been able to unpack three of the sets.

Designs on 47th Street said...

Char, I will have to search the dictionary to find just the right words to say how much I LOVE those soup bowls!! WOW! They are so very pretty and a great price!! Hope you find more.

Alycia Nichols said...

Those are gorgeous cream soup bowls! What an incredible bargain, because I'm sure you'll pay quite a bit more for one at retail price than you did for the four at the thrift store. Excellent find!