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Sunday, December 07, 2014

Place Card Holders in 5 Minutes

I've been on a craft high the past week and today's offering is a quick and easy one.  The supplies are minimal and you may even have everything you need around the house.

I must warn you these are like potato chips...once you've made one you'll want to make a ton of them.

I had cut some larger limbs around the yard this summer and saved a few "just in case".  I cut several wood rounds not being careful about the exact thickness.  They are all all pretty close to being the same and if you prefer you can put a "fence" on your saw to insure each round is the same.

I picked these sparkly ornaments at the store HL I think, I do know they were 1/2 off so for six place card holders my out of pocket was less that $3.00.

One glop (technical term) of hot glue and a quick set of an ornament on top and your half way to the finish line.

When I positioned the ornament on the glue I did some straight up and others I tipped slightly on their side.

This process took less than a minute.  I mean this is a quick project.

I used a semi soft gauge wire to make the place cards.  I just twisted it around my finger, again I'm not an "exact" type person and dipped it in the glue pot and slipped each wire into the top of the ornament. 

Since this wood was just cut late this fall and isn't dry I glued a button on the center bottom of each piece of wood so that the "green" wood wouldn't touch any surface.   

 I had company for the weekend and used one of these in the guestroom as a welcome.

So my friends, check your craft room today and get started on these little gems, quick, easy and economical.  A great little gift for those who love the holidays as much as we do.

This was a wonderful project I found originally here.

Merry Christmas 


NanaDiana said...

What a cute, cute idea, Miss Char. One could use any type of wood base or something flat if you didn't have wood rounds. That is a great idea. xo Diana

Debbie said...

I'm doing a slightly country theme on the kitchen table this year instead of my usual peppermint theme. I don't have place cards because mine were too pepperminty. This would be a good thing to copycat if I can get the husband to slice some wood for me. I am imagining the wonderful smell of the wood.

Pat Cantwell said...

Miss Char,
These are amazing!!!
I spent over $20 on my six miniature ornament place card holders many years ago!!!
Thanks for sharing how easy and economical it is to make your own!!!

Anonymous said...

What a clever and cute and simple idea ! HPS!!!