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Friday, December 27, 2013

Baby Its Cold Outside

This is an old photo I took a couple of years ago but it was taken in a snowfall and this much accumulated within about fifteen minutes.  Its a mini snowfall compared to what we've received in the last week along with a horrible ice storm.  If you check out Dawn over at  Cain Cabin  you can see some pictures she took of the ice storm.  I'm an hour north of her and we had a little more extensive ice and snow here but we were both without power.

Hopefully all will be back in order by next week and I'll have a post or two to share.

Happy New Year to Y'all.


Dawn said...

Char I see you have been without power too :( Darn Michigan weather. It is lovely but at a cost. So far ours has stayed on since the fix but others around me are without again. I will keep my fingers crossed.

Pat Cantwell said...

Although I LOVE SNOW. . .I'm sorry that you were without electricity, dear friend!!!
Looking forward to post from Grace & Favor in 2014!!!
Happy New Year!!!

Debbie said...

I hate it that you have been ICED out! I really and truly hate ice storms. They are worst kind of power outage of them all because you're cold to boot.

I hope all is thawing!

(But now, I love that picture in the biggest way!)