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Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Front Door Experiment

Let me first warn you that this an experiment, I am not encouraging anyone else to give this a try. If my experiment is still holding after our long winter here then we'll consider it a success.

I was enjoying a friends blog Click here a few weeks ago when she posted about a giveaway on her blog.  Please note the give away has already taken place and I wasn't the winner, bummer.  I did shop the site Twice as Nice Lettering and found several things I'd like to order.  I started with house numbers, I placed my order and it was delivered correctly and promptly with FREE shipping.

One of the examples they showed on their site was the house numbers placed on the front door.  Although I had a similar style door I couldn't put the numbers where they did as I always have a wreath or something hanging in that place.   On to the experiment.....I decided to try the letter on the kick plate at the bottom of the door.  Now this is metal (some sort of brass coating I think) not paint and its outside, not inside so whether these numbers will stay on the kick plate or not time will tell.

I have to say it was not easy laying on the floor in the front hall with my feet hanging out the front door trying to position the decals, I can't imagine what the neighbors thought as they walked by and saw the flailing legs twisting in the wind but I guess they must have become imune to the goings on with my projects as no one called 911 for a "woman down in front door".

In the mean time I love the look.  Oh, and yes I know the container I'm using for the fall arrangements looks way to white.  It will be getting a sponge coating of terra cotta paint this week.  Didn't realize the starkness of it until I already had put the flowers in. Always a work in progress.


southerninspiration said...

Thanks for the shout out, Miss Char; this looks amazing!! As does your front door! I wonder if anyone thought you looked like the witch in the Wizard of Oz with your feet sticking out from under the house?? haha.....except you're not at all like her! :D


Kelly J/Hunters Hill said...

Char it looks AWESOME!

Bella Michelle said...

Now THAT looks cool!!!! I wouldn't had thought about doing it there and I think it rocks!

Beaufort Belle said...

Miss Char, that looks fantastic and I love the placement! Maybe I'll try that when I finally get a new front door!