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Friday, August 18, 2006

Spent the weekend in Chicago with the kids. I took some time to walk up to where the Tall Ships were docked. It's funny how our children don't understand the limitations of parents who are on the downslide toward sixty. I had asked Kim if I should take a taxi from her house to the area of the river where the ships were docked. She said its an easy walk and if you're too tired you can catch a cab on the way back. NO DAMN KIDDING!!!!! It was a beautiful Saturday, I had flown into Milwaukee early that morning because of business and drove down to Chicago. I dropped my things at Kim and Vince's and started walking up town toward the river. It was kind of warm and about forty five minutes into the walk I was wondering if Kim assumed I had a lot of money she might inherit and she was trying to kill me off quickly with hopes of $$$ for furniture for the new house. I did make it up to the area on Whacker where the boats were and spent some time exploring there. I then went down on the underpass of Michigan Avenue and had lunch at the famous Billy Goat Tavern. Being an old Saturday Night Live fan I just had to stop for aburger and cheeeps (no fries). Its amazing as to how many tourists can find this dang place considering where its located. was a great way to spend an hour. I sat with a couple who hadn't been there in over twenty years and it was fun to listen to them talk about how the place hadn't really changed except for all the tourists. Well after a rest while eating lunch I walked up the steps to Michigan Ave. Ahhhhhh.....I could smell the sweet allur of shopping!!!!! I was just too pooped to even think about it and there were just so many tourists. I decided to just drag my butt down to Garretts popcorn and get some yummy caramel corn to take back to the house for all of us to enjoy that evening. Surprisingly the line wasn't that long and about half an hour later I stepped outside the storefront and yelled TAXI!!!!


Mrs. G said...

heh heh...well, you just keep on spending very red cent you can so Kim's nefarious plan doesn't work out... :)

southerninspiration said...

Your travel logs are always so very interesting!! Thanks for the report!