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Monday, July 31, 2006

Tubing.......well its been years since I've stuck my plump butt in a tube and headed down river but that was the activity for this past weekend. Bruce and I headed north of spend the weekend with some old friends who had lived in the same neighborhood as us during the years we were all raising our children. There were about thirty or forty people in the group all who had gone to school and graduated together except for Bruce and I and Joan and Denny. The four of us were the "neighborhood friends". I was in awe of this group of 60 something's who seemed to be as close to one another this weekend as I imagine they were the day they graduated. They all welcomed us into their group without hesitation. Many of the women commented on how RuthAnn had talked about her "traveling buddies" and they seemed to be truly happy to meet Joan and I. The river runs right in front of Ted and RuthAnn's summer home so tubing was a matter of grabbing a tube and heading down to the front yard to jump into the river. There were nine of us who took the short morning ride that only took half an hour after morning breakfast. It was a nice ride with very little effort on the tubers part. Mostly just floating along laughing and talking about old times. The highlight of the mornings ride was three young men mooning all us old people from the banks of the river. After some hootin and hollerin they also threw Denny a beer which he missed catching. Denny being the kind of person who would never waste a beer, rolled out of his tube to retrieve the beer and nearly lost the tube as it headed down river without him. After lunch several of us headed for what was suppose to be another hour and a half ride further down the river. We spotted a truck at the bridge where we would end the trip and all of us plopped out hineys into the tubes and we were off. The river was beautiful but a little more effort was needed to navigate. There had been a big storm and several trees had fallen into the river so although it was great fun and we met some interesting people along the way, it was a long three hours before we were at the bridge and loading into the truck for the ride back to the house. We had a wonderful evening meal together with enough food to feed a third world country. Bruce and I are truly blessed with good friends and wonderful memories.


Belle-ah said...

Sounds like a great weekend but I know that water had to be cold on the keester!

Mrs. G said...

Honestly...I love that have got to have that one printed, framed & displayed in a place of honor!

Some sassy confident beautiful women :)