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Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Farm

One of my very favorite places to visit any season of the year is my niece and nephew's horse farm.  I didn't take pictures of their home which faces out onto the pastures and barns as a courtesy of their privacy but I thought I'd share a couple of pictures I took of some of the outbuildings. Oh...and of course a few of the thirty eight horses they own/board on the property.

When you look out from across the front of the house where the living room, dining room and porch are this is the view of the indoor riding arena, the offices and an apartment for the caretaker.  

These buildings are attached to the riding area and house the horses.  This is just part of the structure and to the right, left and back of these buildings are pastures.

Well Tango wasn't cooperating with me when I took this picture...all I got was the backside and an attitude.  This particular horse is my favorite, such a beauty.

Three more of the many horses that were out grazing with Tango in the pasture that day.

I would love to have including pictures of my great niece and nephew on their horses but couldn't get in touch with the family to get their permission.  They're probably all out in the fields this beautiful spring day.


Pat Cantwell said...

Miss Char,
Spring and Fall are just perfect weather for an outing in the country!
Beautiful countryside photos!!!
Thanks for sharing!

Debbie said...

That is beautiful to me! I would love to live some place like that.

(Of course, I'm a bit afraid to ride horses after an unfortunate runaway horse episode, and I'm probably not willing to do all the hard word they do... but I would still love to live there in that place. I'll bet their house is as lovely as the rest of it.

(Hope your husband is continuing to improve!)