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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter Tables

I have two tables set for Easter although there won't be an Easter dinner here this year.  Its just part of my decorating I guess.  The first tablescape was used last weekend when a few friends were here for a simple evening meal.  What was suppose to be a quiet evening of girl talk was interrupted by a terrible storm that came up quickly and left us without power until the following day.  The problem was that I made made two quiches that were in the oven when the power went out.  I was hopeful for a short time that the power would return but when it didn't I fired up our gas grill and continued to bake the quiche.  We ate a little later than expected and by candlelight but it will be a dinner we won't forget soon.

Bunny Black and White Table

It all started with the large silver bowl that was sitting on the table waiting to be cleaned and polished, I started dumping things into it that were in need of placement somewhere in the house for the spring decor.  As it turned out I liked the randomness and left it just as it was.

I had picked up these darling bowls at Home Goods a month or so ago and couldn't wait to use them.  The monogrammed napkins were a clearance purchase from Hobby Lobby, I think I got a dozen of them for a dollar each.

 I placed the flatware wrapped in a lace napkin in each of the tumblers.

 We had to add the candles because of the lack of electricity so I had to move much of the detail from the table to make room for the candles. We did have a wonderful time and won't forget our evening for some time to come.

The second table was set with some fabulous new Bunny plates that my daughter ordered for me from William Sonoma.  Each plate has just captured my heart but this first one is my very favorite.

William Sonoma Bunny Plates

Is he not the cutest bunny you ever saw?

 Rather than a pretty pink cupcake sitting inside the cloche I settled for a bunny and a few faux eggs.

Blessings to all.

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NanaDiana said...

Oh- Both tables are just darling! You did quiches on a grill? WOW! I am impressed!
The dishes for both settings are just darling- xo Diana

Debbie said...

Just love it all! My favorite thing of all is the adorable peeking bunny plate. I would love to have some like that.

And who knew you could bake quiche on a gas grill??? I certainly didn't!!

(I hope your husband continues to recover day by day by day.)

Pat Cantwell said...

Miss Char,
The black & white tablescape is so very elegant. ..even moving the centerpiece to incorporate the candlelight adds another dimension of elegance, dear friend!!!
Oh, my goodness!!! The Williams~Sonoma bunny plate reminds me of our "Pee Wee" (resident bunny) when first I saw him on the lawn last Spring. Since that time, he has resided with us throughout the Winter and we've had several "Pee Wee" sightings this Spring, as well!!!
Adorable tablescapes, indeed!!!

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Both your tablescapes are so nice.
Love the darling peeking funny
plates, and the bunny bowls too.
Your green bunny centerpc. was lovely as well.
Glad you thought to put your quiche
on the grill, don't know if I would
have thought of that. Of course,
Necessity is the mother of invention as they say.
Thanks for sharing your adorable tablescapes.
Blessings, Nellie