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Monday, December 05, 2011

And the Winner Is.....

The winner of the guess my header contest is  Debbie at Words on Wheels.  I really had no idea that this would be as hard as it was but I guess that's because I KNEW which each of the pictures were when I put them up on my header, duh.  Two were from Washington DC and two were from Williamsburg VA., I had hoped that everyone would see the pattern of the two cities and it would help but it didn't.

Anyway, Debbie along with several others were correct in two of the answers that included the National Tree and the Governors Palace.  Debbie was the first to respond so she is our winner.

The Answers are:
  1. The Christmas tree was one at the Williamsburg Inn, several people guessed the White House tree and I can certainly see how one might think that when you look at the drapes in the background.  This time of the year my traveling buddies and I are usually on the road enjoying pre Christmas festivities somewhere on the east coast.  Williamsburg has been our destination several time where they celebrate with the Grand Illumination.  
  2. The second picture is the front of the Eisenhower Executive Building in Washington.  This was the one I thought would trip everyone up.  It really is a beautiful building and has very minimal decorations but still looks so beautiful its all its intricate detail.
  3. The third picture is of the National Tree at the White House.  I have to tell you it is not the prettiest decorated tree I've ever seen.  My friends and I have been to Washington at Christmas several times and were lucky enjoy to enjoy the national tree lighting in 1995 and 2004.  I don't remember which of those years I took this picture but the tree really doesn't change.
  4. This of course is the Governor's Palace in Williamsburg, nearly everyone guessed correctly on this one and the National Christmas tree.
Thanks to all who participated and sent me their best guess.  I'll post a picture of Debbie's tote bag before I send it out to her.


    Debbie said...

    There was a prize too?? Well, woohooo! I didn't even notice that. I just like to compete. I don't even need a prize.

    I was actually trying to guess other Virginia locations because I thought you might have a theme going.

    This was fun.
    And thanks!

    Rebecca said...

    Oh, I started to guess but was only partially sure about the White House tree. Beautiful header, Miss Char.