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Monday, July 04, 2011

Anne of Green Gables

 Can you picture L.M. Montgomery sitting upstairs at Green Gables writing her stories of Anne Shirley? As I stood in the yard taking this picture I was so thrilled to finally visit GG.  I was reminded of my trip to Prince Edward Island these past few days as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are visiting Canada, one of the requests that the Duchess made was to visit PEI because of her love of the stories of Anne Shirley and Green Gables.  I stayed in a little B&B not far from GG and enjoyed exploring the island and reliving the stories of GG.  It was a wonderful experience and I'd love to go back some day.

 I drove from Manchester, NH to PEI.  It was a beautiful trip through Maine, across New Brunswick and then across this ginormous bridge to PEI.  This bridge is spectacular which is something for someone from Michigan to say as we have the beautiful Mackinaw Bridge.

Before I left the island I of course stopped at the Visitor Center to pick up all things GG including a package of lupin seeds. I had enjoyed the beautiful lupins that are so abundant on the island, they grow with wild abandonment everywhere in what seems to be all the colors of the rainbow.  The lady at the counter told me "good luck" they aren't easy to get started but are so beautiful if you are successful. I was successful and have been thrilled each year since with the beauty of the lupins in all their glory in my back yard. I was horrified a couple of weeks ago when I found Mr. Hubby in the back yard in one of my flower beds "pulling weeds"! He had pulled nearly all of my lupins by the time I was able to stop him.  They hadn't bloomed at that time, I was out in the backyard yesterday and all I have left was this one pitiful lupin.

Let me assure you he will not be helping to pull weeds in my flower beds again.  I think of the beautiful areas of PEI with all the lupins in bloom and I can only hope that I will see mine regain their glory in the back yard next year.

When leaving PEI I so wanted to take the ferry to Newfoundland but my time constraints ruled and I headed down through Nova Scotia to Halifax and finally after visiting Halifax I took the ferry from the south of NS to Bar Harbor Maine.

After writing this thread I'm going to have to pull out my book and read Green Gables again.

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Cathy said...

You that's one of Victoria's favorite books/movie. It's on her must visit list.

Happy 4th!