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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Pink Dish Saturday

Today's Pink Saturday features some of my pink dishes.  Nothing fancy here just things I've picked up here and there. 

I love this bowl with the hydrangeas both inside and out.  This one came from TJ's.

A Salvation Army find.

  I picked up this set from the Salvation Army,  I love the delicate flowers and the pale green flowers.

  I only have this one plate from this set, it was a gift from a good friend who thinks I don't have enough dishes.

I love this little covered dish, it was my maternal grandmothers.

Back to TJ's for this wine cooler.  I've also used it for a centerpiece.

 The little cups and saucers are from Yankee Candles, they were made to hold a tea candle.  The others which I also have the saucers for I picked up at a sale and have used for creme brulee'.

I love these little dessert plates, this one is part of a set that Savannah Granny's sent me on a giveaway that she held a few months ago.  There is also a darling cake server that is a high heel shoe.
These Summer Chintz plates by Johnson Brother's I think I use more than any other.  My friend Pam has had these for years and I always admired them, I found a ton of pieces at a local antique shop marked $1 each.  I loaded up that day and still will find a couple of pieces from time to time at TJ's.

Pink hobnail juice glasses are a recent purchase.  These came from Home Goods and were purchased with a gift card that came with all the other generous gifts that Savannah Granny sent with her blog giveaway.

Thank goodness Blogger is back up!


Paula said...

I loved seeing all of your pink dishes and really couldn't pick a favorite because I love them all!

Finding the Johnson Brothers pieces for $1.00 each is some kind of bargain. The colors in the pattern are just perfect for this time of year.

Donnie said...

You have some pretty pink treasures there. I loved the Hydrangea a bowl the most but they are all lovely.

Cottage Touch said...

OMGosh pretty finds .....HPS!

Carol at Serendipity said...

Love all the pink dishes. I love the hydrangea bowl.

It is amazing how we depend on blogger. I hadn't posted or visited for a week. All seems well now.


LV said...

Regardless of whee you found these goodies, they are all very pretty. You did good.

Manni said...

Happy Pink Saturday Miss Char :)
Absolutely love your post and I really like that shoe plate....I love shoes:)

Porch Days said...

That is a lot of pink dishes! Thanks for the tip about the lard. Will really have to try that next time. Nancy H

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

They are are so pretty but I think I love your SA finds the most. :) Happy Pink Saturday

Marlis said...

Oh Miss Char, your pink is delicious. Love those hobnail glasses! And the pretty bowl with the hydrangeas. I really do love all of them. Thanks for dropping in and leaving your kind comments. Happy Sunday!

Designs on 47th Street said...

Well my land! Thanks to bloggers, I first decided I "needed" blue dishes...which I have found some now. Just recently I was beginning to think. hummm, I don't have pink dishes...and now I see this yummy post by you! Oh my! I see pink dishes in my future. Yours are truly lovely and I adore those little hobnail glasses. they are darling.

Cathy said...

Great collection! I'm a big fan of Johnson Brothers and what a deal you got. Hobnail glasses, love them!