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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Pig Out!

I'm not sure that there are words that can describe the BLT that was set in front of me last week while at a local restaurant called Tony's.  What was I thinking??? The menu indicated that this monster (all their sandwiches are monsters) was made with a full pound of bacon, I guess I just wasn't comprehending the magnitude of a full pound of bacon piled high on beautiful Italian bread.

To answer the question...NO I did not eat the whole thing, not even close.  Lesson learned is bigger is not always better.

I'm joining Kim at  WOW Us Wednesday, although I had nothing to do with the making of this sandwich I do think if it was set in front of anyone of us we'd definitely say WOW.


Designs on 47th Street said...

Char, you did indeed WOW me! Good grief! I'm sure there are a good many people who WOULD eat the whole thing!

I bet it was tasty... :)


Cathy said...

That's a lot of piggy between the bun...WOW!

southerninspiration said...

Oh my word.......that's a lotta bacon!!!! Was there really lettuce and tomato on it also???
Wow is right.


Rettabug said...

Talk about a ♥ attack on a plate!! Yikes!!
But it does make my mouth water just to look at it! LOL

I had to translate your last comment on my blog. Fun!

Marlis said...

OMG, that is one huge sandwich! so did it taste good? Happy Mother's Day!

Donnie said...

I bet Don could eat loves bacon and only gets it out. Too funny. There is a Tony's in Gastonia that serves huge sandwiches too.