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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

White House Ornament

I always describe my Christmas tree as a "train wreck".  There is no theme, no rhyme, no reason; just ornaments that mean a lot to me and my family.  Over the years I have collected many ornaments that represent places I've visited or events I've shared with family and friends and I love placing each one of them on the tree and remembering the reason for their presence.

2009 White House Holiday Christmas Tree X-Mas OrnamentAmong the most beautiful ornaments I have are those from the White House.  To the left is my favorite so far, its the 2009 ornament. It represents the presidency of Grover Cleveland.  I'm always a sucker for snow in Washington, there is such a quiet elegance to it.

Each year I look forward to the White House Christmas Ornament being offered by the White House Historical Association. The program started in 1981 when the Regan's were in office and has continued each year since.  If you look at the early ornaments that were designed you will see that they were very simple the first few years and as the program has gained popularity the designs have become much more elaborate. I didn't start collecting these beautiful ornaments until the late 90's  but I love each and every one that I have.  This year's ornament I purchased while I was in Washington this summer, I was surprised that it was for sale that early in the year but loved knowing that my 2010 ornament was purchased at the White House store just across the driveway from the White House.  White House Ornament 2010.  If you look on ebay you can find the ornaments from other vendors but I figure the extra couple of dollars it costs to get it from the historical association helps with preservation of our beautiful historic program.

2010 White House Annual Christmas Ornament - William Mckinley

The 2010 ornament is a beauty too and I can't wait to place it on the tree the day after Thanksgiving.  Here is a preview if your interested.Again, its another winter scene, this one representing Present William McKinley's presidency.


ShannonPinNOLA said...

Give me a tree full of sentimental ornaments and I'm a happy girl. I collect ornaments from each place we go on vacation. Yes, it looks crazy, but I love it.

I don't have any of the White House ornaments, but they sure are beautiful.

Designs on 47th Street said...

Char, I love your White House ornaments. I wasn't familiar with them til you told us about them awhile back. I really need to look into getting at least one!

Cathy said...

What a great tradition! I wasn't familiar with WH ornaments either.