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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Can I say that?  I have been watching the news and reading about all the protests of actually celebrating Halloween on Sunday and I guess I'm just naive but my view of Halloween is the sweet little faces that will arrive on the porch tonight looking for candy. I just choose to let go of the whole anti-religion aspect of it;  maybe that's just putting my head in the sand but there it is, in black and white.

I was thinking this morning about Halloween when I was a child and Halloween now.  I am old enough to remember when there was no such thing as a store bought costume, we made stuff up.  I'm not saying it was better that way, just less expensive and more creative.  I see how excited the little princesses and action figures are when they step up to the door with their bags sagging with candy and they seem just as happy in their store bought costumes as I was in my homemade one.

We didn't however, have to worry about contaminated candy placed in bags by those who are either just evil or very unbalanced.  The treats we received were nearly all homemade and would be out of the question in todays world.  My father would always have a hot dog roast for the kids who stopped at our house, he's be out there grilling hot dogs and the kids would grab a dog and be on their way.  At the next house they might get a popcorn ball or be invited in for hot chocolate.  I think the most memorable treat I ever got was a watermelon. Yes, my friends a watermelon.  I lived on a lake as a child but it was also farm country both big and small, one of the local produce farmers at the north end of the lake was handing out small watermelons that he had stored from the summer harvest to hand out at Halloween.  I can tell you it was a long walk back to our house on the other end of the lake hauling that melon.  Since there were no supermarkets back then we depended on local farmers for most of our food, it would never have entered our minds to just toss the watermelon.  Simpler times.

I hope you and your family enjoy seeing the children at the door this evening, they have no idea what the big deal is about Halloween being celebrated on Sunday, they're just looking for candy, and if your area celebrated Halloween yesterday I'm sure the kids were happy and are sleeping off a sugar high this morning.


Paula said...

Great memories!

We had to trick-or-treat by car and each stop involved a long visit. My dad explained to us that you couldn't go and not visit a while, but I remember that it seemed like we spent forever at each house and only went to five or six. Out in the country each house didn't get many visitors and I remember getting bags not a piece.

Trick or Treating is Sunday here. Some of the counties around Mama had it Saturday night.

southerninspiration said...

We trick or treated but I never had to carry a watermelon home!! Wow!


vernice said...

I agree with you about halloween I remember when I was young we knew all of our neighbors living in a small town making our own costumes and home made goodies we collected in paper bags. Now I didn't even know the kids. Yes they are still fun for them and parents are too busy.It was cold here with a touch of snow in the afternoon so less kids out.