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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Sisters.....I wasn't blessed with any but I do have two sisters in law. One lives in Florida and I see her a few times a year, the other lives in the next town and I see her a few more times a year. I of course don't have an understanding of sisters, fighting, loving, giggling, screaming sisters. Nothing in my life experiences as ever given me a clue to the inter-workings of this type of relationship. A couple of weeks ago I got a snapshot into the lives of three sisters. My sister in law and her two sisters went to Mexico with me. Now, over the years I've spent countless times with these three at family functions, my brother and sister in law are always generous to include my family in their family get togethers. I've come to know a little about each of the three sisters lives, their families and the general stuff you would gather from anyone you see a few times a year. Well a week on the beach in Mexico has changed that. We all arrived on Friday afternoon at the Cancun airport. I came ahead of them and waited for a couple of hours in the lobby for their arrival. It was fun to watch them tumble out of the shuttle that brought them to the resort. They had experienced weather delays and I think they were slap worn out by the time they got there. A little dinner and a walk around the pool and we were ready to settle in for the evening. The next morning and every morning after that we were all up and headed to the pool right after breakfast. I've been very picky about who I ask to go to Mexico with me, after having been there numerous times I'm a full fledged card carrying member of the "been there, done that" society of Mexican tourist traps. All I want to do on this particular vacation destination is sit by the pool from morning to night, read, bake my bones and think about nothing, I mean NOTHING! Rule number one when traveling with me to Mexico is you are free to do whatever you want... go, do, see, experience it all without feeling one moment of guilt if I don't go with you. Last year I took my sister in law and my niece, I knew they would be perfect for this type of travel and would understand rule number one without being insulted. Not something that everyone would be comfortable with. This year the accommodations I was treated to by one of my dearest friends were much larger than last year so there was room for several more people. The dilemma was outside of my sister in law and niece who should I ask that wouldn't be offended by rule number one? After chewing on the prospect for a couple of days I decided that the two sisters would be perfect! Well, invites were handed out, visas were applied for and there we were the four of us laying at the pool. Unfortunately my niece wasn't able to join us so there were only four amigos rather than five this year, but maybe we'll go again next year. It was a wonderful week, I guess you just had to be there to understand how doing nothing can be so much fun and give four women a great tan and a wonderful memory to store away in life's experiences. Thank you girls for including me in the "sisterhood".


Belle-ah said...

Ms. Char,

You definately have a very blessed list of "sisters" and that is from someone who, herself, never had a sister!

BTW, I LOVE rule #1...why, oh why, can't more people understand that. Sonja (Hans sister) and I seemed to always have that and I think that is why we clicked so well.


Mrs. G said...

Yet another great travel photo...this one would be great to enlarge & on some cold & snowy day in February, you can, ah, relive your mexican vacation :)

southerninspiration said...

Great photo, and I love reading about your travels.

Belle-ah said...

Just popping in to wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving!

Mrs. G said...

girl...get back to posting