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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Dining in the bay

Pin It  The front of our home has two bay windows and tucked into the one on the first story is my attempt at a dining room since this home doesn't have a formal one.  I decided to set a very simple red and white Christmas table in this area.

I found this funky faux pine tree at Goodwill a few months ago.  I didn't hesitate to pick it up for a couple of bucks but had no idea what I would do with it.  As it turns out just adding a string of white lights up through the center of it made a lovely centerpiece in the bay.

 The table was layered with a white linen tablecloth that draped over to the table and on to the floor.  I added a linen topper over the tablecloth with a beautiful tatting detail.

 I set the "tree" on top of a mirrored cake stand, this gave it lift and also reflected the white Christmas lights back up through the center of the tree.

Next came the place setting,  this is Lenox's Winter Greetings set atop a garnet red charger.  Don't you love the way the tree lights reflect on to the dishes?

  I used simple linen monogrammed napkins wrapped with pearl necklaces to give the table a little more formal look but with a twist.

One tall candlestick was used with a pearl candle.  The detail of the faux crystals sparkle
 next to the tree lights.

The garnet red crystal adds yet another pop of red to a very minimal table.

 My fabulous Christmas Bunny oversees the table and those who will enjoy it.  I just love him and had to add him to the table setting.

 I hope your Christmas holiday is a joyous one.



Tricia said...

This is so pretty! The centerpiece is simple, yet adds so much drama -- love it! And your china is gorgeous in the twinkling light!

Sonia said...

Gorgeous and so the view out of your windows too! Everything is so pretty!
Miss Bloomers

NanaDiana said...

Well, Miss Char, It looks like a sweetly formal spot to me. You table looks beautiful-festive and lovely- xo Diana

On Crooked Creek said...

Miss Char,
I now deem you Miss Romance!!!
This is exquisite!!! Who would have thought such a reply from a Goodwill Tree? Your dinnerware is stunning in the afterglow of the flickering lights. I adore the ambiance that candlelight brings to the table. Pearl necklace . . .such Edwardian Era. I'm swooning!!! But from deep down within came a chuckle when I spied your Santa Bunny print! Just adorable, dear friend! Enjoy your Dining in The Bay!!! ( I know I certainly did!!!)

Denise Marie said...

Very elegant.

Michelle said...

Gorgeous!!!!!! I love the pearl necklace napkin rings. You are so talented!

Sandra Lee said...

I am also in love with your pearl napkin rings and the flatware. Everything is so pretty and inviting. Merry Christmas!